JadaTalks Presents: The Rise of Digi-Romantic Artists

During Paris Art Week, JadaTalks presents a conversation on The Rise of Digi-Romantic ArtistsDigi-Romanticism is defined by Jada as a term that depicts a social paradigm-shift among creatives, whose works contain an emotional appeal that clashes and contrasts with the fast-paced technological ethos in which they exist. Their production is often narrative-based, and aims to reclaim grand-narratives and utopian themes — as a reaction to the search for meaning and deeper content in daily life during confinement, which deprived all of the constant multi-sensorial stimulation of life pre-Covid19 Pandemic. Tune in on October 24, 2020 at 9 AM EST to hear from our guest speaker Suzanne Khalil, Ph.D. and co-founder of Jada, Jonatas, and co-founder of Jada, Dana Blickensderfer during this online and live streaming art conversation.

Artist, scholar, researcher…enlivener of the human experience. She holds a PHD and a Master’s degree from Arizona State University in Cognitive Science and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from The Ohio State University. Suzie has lived in the Southwest, Southeast, Midwest, and Northeast and calls the Pacific Northwest “home” as she enjoys life in Portland, Oregon.

Suzanne Khalil, Ph.D.

Brazilian-American symbolist artist, academic, public speaker, and published author. Graduated from The University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Latin, American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies, and a Master of Fine Arts  degree from Florida International University.

Jonatas Chimen Dias DaSilva-Benayon

International visual artist, editor, and entrepreneur. Graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication, with a focus in Public Relations. She is an alum from the The New York Studio School with a focus in Two-Dimensional Practice. 

Dana Blickensderfer

Join us on October 22-25 for Paris Art Week! Jada Art Fair at Gallery 7 in Paris, France. JadaTalks seminar streamed live by American writer Samuel Loetscher.

Co-sponsored by The Jewish Art Salon
Program Outline:

October 22nd (Thursday)
•Opening Reception (Noon EST)
•The Demise of Art for Art’s Sake (Breakfast Coffee + Talks)
11 -11:45 AM EST
Keynote Speaker: Karen J. Leader, Ph.D., Associate Professor at Florida Atlantic University

•Live Streaming of the Paris Art Show Opening Exhibition – (Noon EST)


October 23rd (Friday)
•The Age of Internet Art (Breakfast Coffee + Talks) – 9 – 9:45 AM EST
Guest Speaker: Yona Verwer and Dana Blickensderfer
•New Connections, Discoveries, and Concerns: VE in Pandemic Times (Breakfast Coffee + Talks) – 10 – 10:45 AM EST
Guest speaker: Broward College Associate Dean Dr. Cornejo
•Art Education in a Virtual World – The Experiences of an Artist & Educator in 2020 (Coffee + Talks) – 11 – 11:45 AM EST
Guest speaker: Professor John Selburg of Broward College
•The Death of Postmodernism and the Birth of Metamodernism (Lunch + Talks) – Noon – 1 PM EST

Guest speakers: Jonatas and Suzanne Khalil, Ph.D.


October 24th (Saturday)
•The Rise of Digi-Romantic Artists (Breakfast Coffee + Talks) – 9 – 9:45 AM EST
Guest speakers: Jonatas, Suzanne Khalil, Ph.D., Dana Blickensderfer
•Meme Warfare (Breakfast Coffee + Talks) – 10 – 10:45 AM EST
Guest speakers: Avital Shtapura & Jonatas
•Age of Singularity (Coffee + Talks) – 11 – 11:45 AM EST
Guest speakers: Christopher Benek
•The End of Irony and the Birth of New Sincerity (Lunch + Talks) – Noon – 1 PM EST

Guest speakers: Cheselyn Amato; Jonatas; Suzanne Khalil, Ph.D.


October 25th (Sunday)
•Closing Reception (Brunch + Talks) – Noon – 2 PM EST
Interview with Artist Representative of Gilbert Zitoun at Noon EST
•One on One – Podcasts w/ Exhibiting Artists (Brunch + Talks) – Noon – 2 PM EST
Additional Dates:
November 2 – 10 AM EST

Broward College’s AHCD Pathway, Student Life & Presents National Hispanic Heritage Month. Join us for a Discussion Series featuring Latino artists, authors, musicians, and trend-setters, to honor the cultural contributions of Hispanic & Latino Americans.


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