JADA Global Legitimizing Optimism Exhibition & Think-Tank Weekend, February 2021

February 19-21, 2021
1250 Normandy Drive,
Miami Beach, FL 33141

Jadarart.org/exhibition for more details and to register.
*this is an in-person art exhibition. Covid regulations will be followed. Virtual viewing will be made available.

CREATIVITY, RESILIENCE, and VISION can determine how quickly a society will recover from a crisis. Such qualities are inherent to the artistic condition, thus the reason why the JADA Art Movement defends the creative worth!This was JADA’s first exhibition of 2021, as JADA sought to embark on a global mission of Legitimizing Optimism.Exhibiting Artists:
Dana Blickensderfer
Raziel Gates
Ninon Lacoume
Manu Militao
Aurelien Tranchet
Melina Khavari
Suzanne Khalil
Jamie Moshe Straz
Iasmin Benayon
Ginat Salman
Daniela de Castro Sucre

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