JADA NFT Art Exhibit, August 2021

JADA Virtual Art Exhibit
NFT Art Show
August 15 – September 15, 2021

As we enter the age of the Great Reset and of the 4th Industrial Revolution, Thinkers and Makers wonder on the role of Art today. Considering that Art often imitates life, a question suddenly arises: What will Art look like through the advent of cryptocurrency and of Blockchain technology? The NFT, or Non-Fungible Token, is one of the most innovative possibilities, becoming a strong medium and statement within the context of the New Normal, the digital nomadic condition, the decentralized economy, and this generation’s sincere interest in a kind of art that reflects their deepest tendencies and loftiest ambitions!

NFTs, unminted files as JPEGs, GIFs, or MP4s [up to 3 images]

The rise of the artistic digital manifestation.

How To Apply:
Please submit your application to info@jadaart.org, including up to 3 high resolution images of artwork related to the theme, include the titles, medium, and date for each work. In addition, include your website and artist statement on the email. State on the same message that you have read the Jada Manifesto, and that you agree with it.


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