JADA ACADEMY is committed to reinventing the learning experience by empowering learners, scholars, and professionals in all areas of Society – especially in the Creative Industry – to thrive in an ever-changing and global society. 
JADA ACADEMY matches classic learning approaches with the tools necessary for the creative professional to conquer the Here & Now – by building a tightly knit community of thought-provoking dream builders through courses online, in-person, and in our upcoming immersive Metaverse Campus.
JADA ACADEMY’s co-founder, accomplished visual artist, academic, art historian, art critic, and published author.

The Creative Warrior Mastermind Program
Designed for Creatives, Makers, and Thinkers who are motivated to acquire a voice of strength, credibility, and authority in their individual fields. Through this program, you will understand the power imbued in your talent, in your pivotal role in society, and in your individual purpose as a fundamental cultural leader and agent of change – whether you are an individual artist, community organizer, or aspiring creative trailblazer.

The Creative Warrior Mastermind Program, is delivered through semester-long (8 weeks), self-paced, group seminars, and individual sessions with co-founder JÔNATAS.

The Creative Warrior Mastermind Program’s main topics are:

1. Leadership for Creatives
2. The Psychology of Artistic Success
3. The development of Sustainable Creative Careers
4. The Artist as a Creative Trailblazer
5. Artistic Power in the Age of Hyper Information
6. Understanding the “Artistic Exceptionalism”
7. Important Art History Lessons for the Contemporary Artist

Furthermore, The Creative Warrior Mastermind Program provides personal coaching on:
- Your individual creative production
- Honest critiques (solo and group sessions)
- Individual assistance in Portfolio development
- Individual assistance in Art Statement writing
- Individual guidance in your Social Media presence

JADA ACADEMY offers a rich array of short, semester-long, and year-long courses withing the Arts & Humanities, with a special focus on how it applies to the Start-Up & Disruptive Innovations field. Jada Academy is committed to the pure educational experience, by recognizing learning through a badge-rewarding system, which leads to the awarding of certifications, enrollment in merit-based programs, and participation in immersive residences and networking events in the United States,  Europe, and Latin America. 
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