We help artists take their craft to the next level by preparing, connecting, and
coaching indivdual artists through teachings, critiques, and real world application.


Or Two Payments of $125; Or Three Payments of $99

Dana Blickensderfer,
Provoke Art

As a go-getter artist, entrepreneur, and marketer, I understand first-hand the importance of continuing education and evolving your craft. I have had the honor to mentee under JÔNATAS. His knowledge in the arts is unprecedented and real world application to coach artists on a personal level is profound. I would highly recommend this course to any artist at any career level as they are sure to gain both fundamental and tangible art knowledge in the market and at an individual artistic level. 

Become A MASTER Artist and Professional At Your Craft...

Whether in online or mortar-and-brick institutions...Most art courses offer very little in terms of skill building, professional growth, and career development for creatives.

As a result, participants feel deceived, taken advantage of, and incredulous – as their time and money investments simply do not translate into tangible and measurable benefits.

But today all that will change!

JÔNATAS, the co-founder of JADA ACADEMY, visual artist, professor of art, published author, public speaker, and creative entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the arts, is here to change this, once and for all.

Through JADA ACADEMY and the Artist Warrior Mastermind Course, JÔNATAS will be your mentor, your supporter, and your guide in the quest for creative empowerment through information, careful planning, and targeted action!

Are you are ready?

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JADA ACADEMY matches classical learning approaches with the tools necessary for the creative professional to conquer the Here & Now – by building a tightly knit community of thought-provoking dream builders through courses online, live video streaming, and in our upcoming immersive Metaverse Campus and Web3 experiences.

Online Courses

Live Coaching



  The Creative Warrior Mastermind Program

JADA ACADEMY’s co-founder, accomplished visual artist, academic, art historian, art critic, and published author.

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Or Two Payments of $125; Or Three Payments of $99

Course Curriculum

Our (virtual only) program occurs in January, April, July, and November in a two-week intensive format. Daily live-stream sessions and weekly artist & group critiques will be offered by the professor. Please read descriptions of the upcoming program below and enroll to join us.

About the program: Designed for Creatives, Makers, and Thinkers who are motivated to acquire a voice of strength, credibility, and authority in their individual fields and practice. Through this program, you will understand the power imbued in your talent, in your pivotal role in society, and in your individual purpose as a fundamental cultural leader and agent of change – whether you are an individual artist, community organizer, or aspiring creative trailblazer. In addition, the courses daily livestreams and weekly artist & group critiques provides real practical teachings for self improvement in both practice and life.

The Creative Warrior Mastermind Virtual Program, is delivered through a two-week intensive structure of: self-paced videos with a workbook, live group classes and teachings, and artist critique sessions with co-founder JÔNATAS.

The Creative Warrior Mastermind Program’s main topics include:

1. Leadership for Creatives
2. The Psychology of Artistic Success
3. The Development of Sustainable Creative Careers
4. The Artist as a Creative Trailblazer
5. Artistic Power in the Age of Hyper Information
6. Understanding the “Artistic Exceptionalism”
7. Important Art History Lessons for the Contemporary Artist
8. Art Critiques and Practical Steps to Becoming a Master Artist

Course Pricing
Billed one time, Or Two Payments of $125; Or Three Payments of $99.
Lifetime access to academy videos on the Creative Warrior Mastermind Course
  • Self-Paced Video Courses on 'The Creative Warrior Mindset'
  • Course Workbook and Course Guides
  • Daily Instructor Live-Stream Class Sessions
  • Weekly Artist & Group Critiques (Practical Teachings for Self Improvement)
  • JADA Course Certification Upon Completion

Earn Your JADA Academy Certification!

Each individual participant at the end of each course program will earn a JADA Academy signed Course Certification from the Instructor.

Receive Professional Art Critiques

Each individual participant will receive one on one art critique and teachings from the instructor to improve their studio practices inside the course program.

Learn Real-World Artist Applications Today

Each individual participant will have hands on learning and real world instructor experience to learn and grow from to apply to their own personal practice.

Train Today To Become A Master Tomorrow!

Each individual participant will learn about the mindset and skillset it takes to be a master artist. You must be relentless in art, in practice, in learning, in life!
Furthermore, The Creative Warrior Mastermind Program provides personal coaching on:
- Your individual creative production
- Honest critiques (solo and group sessions)
- Individual assistance in portfolio development
- Individual assistance in art statement writing
- Individual guidance in your social media presence
-Web3 and Metaverse Artist Discussions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for? 
Designed for Creatives, Makers, and Thinkers who are motivated to acquire a voice of strength, credibility, and authority in their individual fields and practice. Any person willing and able to open and expand their mindset and understanding of today's day and age and how to masterfully conquer your craft and get to the next level in mind and spirit.
Who is this course NOT for? 
This course is a certificate program. It is not a semester-long program nor a University degree program. We are a 3rd party academy with 20+ years of academic experience that seeks to go beyond the traditional classroom experience and to teach willing and able minds yearning to take their craft and personal development to the next level.
What will I gain from this program? 

Do I have to be an artist to apply? 
No. You can be any creative to apply. A thinker, a maker a doer.
What age level is this course for? 
18+ individuals. The program is crafted for individuals 1-3 years into their personal development (beginner) and/or 10+ years seeking to refine their mindset and craft (intermediate). No college degree, Post graduates, post masters can all benefit from this course program.
What should I expect during the two-week program? 
We believe in rigorous studio practice and training. Our program is self-paced WITHIN a two-week live instructor program. The instructor live participatory videos and livestreams are offered for one hour during the early mornings or late evenings. The morning or evening timeslots will be determined at enrollment for each student. The workbook will be a guide to the self-paces pre-recorded videos offered when the livestreams are not happening. All students will be required to attend all live video streams and also during the weekend art critiques. Once the two-week program ends the livestreams with the professor ends, the course certification is distributed to passing students BUT the students will always have the pre-recorded video content and workbook to reference for future use.

  Our Academy

JADA ACADEMY (launching in 2024) offers a rich array of short, semester-long, and year-long courses withing the Arts & Humanities, with a special focus on how it applies to the Start-Up & Disruptive Innovations field. Jada Academy is committed to the pure educational experience, by recognizing learning through a badge-rewarding system, which leads to the awarding of certifications, enrollment in merit-based programs, and participation in immersive residences and networking events in the United States,  Europe, and Latin America. 
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