JADA, The New Royals, and Landz’s Metaverse:

A disruptive partnership that has already made history by breaking the art fair paradigm, which continues to break new ground, as it enables JADA’s Thinkers and Makers to have a commanding and ever-expanding voice as leaders within WEB 3.0


The New Royals is an NFT-based Fraternity for men and women interested in mutual growth as part of a tightly-knit community that comfortably navigates the creative connections that Web 3.0 brings for investors of fine art NFTs, tangible assets, and the overall human intellectual.

The New Royals was founded by Paris-based artist and scholar JÔNATAS, Miami-based crypto-currency expert Eros Samec, Brazil-based marketing guru Thyago Guimaraes, and it has welcomed as its latest partner the US-Based artist Dana Blickensderfer, co-Founder of JADA.

The New Royals Club is modeled after collegiate and professional networking organizations, traditional fraternal orders, and the ancient philosophical mystery schools — guided by the fine art NFT Collection and narrative written by JÔNATAS.

The New Royals meets virtually through social media and community-based apps, and through global meetups, mostly during the international art weeks of Paris and Miami. These two cities are where our founders have leading voices in the visual arts, life-coaching, and crypto industries.

The ideal New Royal is of a greatly positive spirit, a noble heart, highly creative, naturally entrepreneurial, a believer in the improbable, of deep faith, of good reputation, and above all, charitable. The New Royal is a man or woman of great potential and of a constructivist mind – who wishes to join, build, and conquer central spaces within the cosmos of the Here & Now, for the sake of engineering tomorrow’s paradigm-shifting realities.

The New Royal vehemently believes in the power of the Self supported by the Collective; by acting boldly when called upon, in a hyper-focused, high energy, abundantly creative, and enthusiastic disposition.

Likewise, the ideal New Royal understands that doubt, vulnerability, and fear are necessary in the grand scheme of life’s greatest successes – thus embracing all challenges with a faithfull, brave and resilient spirit – confident that a great Fraternity is standing by his or her side.
For more information, visit: TNR | Home (thenewroyals.club)


In 2022, in the midst of the rise of Web 3.0, JADA expanded its cohort of artists, disruptive visionaries, and theoretical conceptualizers. At that moment, it became necessary for JADA to have a presence within the Metaverse, with its exhibits, lectures, and other immersive experiences that could benefit from a virtual reality environment. Thus, through the expertise of Hugo Kleinsinger, JADA began its relationship with Landz’s Metaverse — thus enabling JADA to make history, by being the first art fair of Miami Art Week to be fully operative on site as well as within the Metaverse — with all of its exhibiting artworks, events, and lectures.

Landz is the first platform & marketplace for interoperable Metaverse assets, thus empowering its investors, businesses, and individuals to establish their identities in the Metaverse and to make their mark in web 3.0 – all through digital assets that are completely interoperable and are easily transferable across Metaverses.

Within Landz’s growing number of collections, each property is full of utility, monetization features, and personalization capabilities to bring real value to asset holders within the Metaverse. Thus, Ladnz allows you to host complex events in its properties, from networking meetups in your own Metaverse HQ, to an exclusive art exhibit cocktail party at its Metaverse art museum. For more information, visit:  Home (landz.io)


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