JADA Virtual Art Exhibit – The New Normal: Global Quarantine & Protests, June 2020

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Global Quarantine & Protests, June 2020
“The New Normal”
A *Digi-Romantic Response in Light of the Global Quarantine and Protests of 2020

Covid-19 Series, Exhibit III
Curated by JADA
Hosted by WMAS

2020 will forever be known as the year of ruptures, decidedly unleashed by the Covid-19 health crisis. By mid-2020, however, it is apparent that this year’s main crisis is one of the Social Order, as the turmoil that now troubles Americans has exposed the fragility of our social fabric and our longing to heal and better socialize with one another.

Such insight becomes ever more apparent with the enforcement of full lockdowns, nationally ongoing quarantines, and mandatory curfews. Yet, this year’s latest social upheaval comes in the form of vast protests demanding a change in our country’s racial relations. Such protests have been fueled by a popular revolt against multigenerational systemic racism, and the unjustified killings of members of the African American community by law enforcement.

Amidst all the turmoil, one begins to ponder on what many are calling “The New Normal.” Is this a moment in which society finally stops to reconsider its core values? Is this a moment in which benefiting the collective will prevail over the interest of the individual? Will a difficult but necessary dialogue happen for the sake of healing our society’s deepest wounds?
JADA’s virtual exhibit titled The New Normal will showcase artistic interpretations in 2D, 3D, and Time-Based Formats of future imaginaries, discussions, and investigations dealing with the Post-Pandemic and Post-Protest future world.

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