The Metaverse is the latest manifestation of the Internet as a single, universal, and immersive virtual world, which can be facilitated using virtual reality and augmented reality as essential tools in our real-world interactions.

JADA’s Metaverse is thus the fulfillment of the Digi-Romantic Generation’s desire for an all-encompassing human connection, no matter how physically detached we might be from one another – as our Digital Nomadic lives have greatly displaced us from our communities of support and comfort.

Through JADA’s Metaverse, our thinkers, makers, theorists, and disruptors, may now engage in exhibiting, hosting global think-tanks, and mingling in an immersive 3D environment – until we can fulfill our ideal of togetherness in the physical world.

As we enter Web 3.0, JADA’s Metaverse is one of the many tools we use to expand the reach of our artists, ideas, and ideals.

Visit the JADA Metaverse World by clicking on the buttons below:

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