JADA is, indeed, an art movement.

Although much of our visibility reveals our intense pragmatism (through our yearly international art fairs, exhibitions, lecture series, podcasts, web series, and networking events), we are in fact moved by a concept structured within Metamodernism.

Truly, our leadership and artists share a philosophy central to our identities as committed thinkers and makers — each with their our leanings, variations, and personal contributions.

When closely analyzed, our philosophy has not yet become part of the mainstream (which is still mostly informed by irony, skepticism, and nihilism), thus setting us apart as a distinct gathering of creatives within the arts, academia, tech, business, and politics.

JADA acknowledges that no current or past movement is fully representative of our generations’ lived experience and disposition; as we strive to demonstrate a naivety that is both conceptually strong and highly informed, finding ourselves negotiating between aspects of Modernism, Postmodernism, and what is beyond the horizon — away from all known tendencies.

Formally, we criticize Modernism’s defense of absolute universal truths (while defending the existence of human universal values), and we challenge Post-Modernism’s concept of l’art pour l’art for its leniences towards creative and philosophical mediocrity — intrinsic to the very concept.

We believe that the painted surface is, in fact, not the only concern of the artist.JADA sees the need to empower creatives through social, political, and leadership action; as we understand that today’s society has grown detached from art, also partially due to art’s detachment from society.

Since the advent of Post-Modernism, artists have divorced themselves from pivotal roles they once occupied — a process that would eventually lead them to seek success in the limited possibilities offered by the prized Ivory Tower, the echo chamber of the White Cube, or the insularity of the museum world. Although we value such platforms, we also believe that artists can contribute to all other realms and industries of society.

JADA believes that major positive changes will occur when the art community finally embraces a practice informed by deeper content, sincerity, narrative, the observation of the natural world, the examination of the human condition, the didactic, the philosophical, the political, and the spiritual. Indeed, we do believe that it is time to prioritize meaning in art.

Ultimately, the JADA Art Movement comes to promote a drastic change to the status-quo; by mobilizing artists to embrace a pragmatic idealism as independent agents of culture, while challenging themselves scholarly, skillfully, and conceptually as makers of culture.
We acknowledge that change will not come from the System, but from self-starting creatives who can flourish in a globalized, fast-paced, technology-driven, information-rich, but still, culturally-underfunded world.

Thus, the JADA Art Movement represents the murmuring creative voices of the 21st century, as we rise to challenge the hegemony of the Establishment, to transform the perception of art in society, and to occupy meaningful spaces in the macrocosm of the 2020s.
That is who we are, and you are welcome to join us.

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