jada formally invites architect, artist, and designer Jamie Moshe Straz to be part of its team of advisors. Jamie holds a Bachelors of Architecture degree from the University of Miami. He is best known for his community-oriented projects, and urban planning throughout the South Florida region. Jamie Straz lives in Miami Beach with his wife and children.

jada’s invitation acknowledges that Jamie Straz has made important contributions to the goals of the organization, mainly through his insightful and momentous counseling. Such was the case in 2019, when he was an active participant in the small cohort of artists who spearheaded JADA Art Fair during Miami Art Week. Largely due to the instrumental influence of Straz, Jada was able to reclaim a vacant supermarket for its 8-day art fair and summit in North Miami Beach. The event brought over 20 exhibiting artists, 40 speakers, and 2000 guests to an unlikely location, generating a much-welcomed renewed interest in the arts at the local community, political, and business levels.

Straz’s focus as a creative professional, social engineer, and community organizer greatly aligns with the values, potential, and purpose of jada. Via his architecture firm REINES & STRAZ, Jamie persists to seek for ways to bring accessibility, integration, and consolidation of the cultural stratification of South Florida via community-oriented urban projects. With the aid of Straz’s knowledge and insight, jada looks forward to continuously focus on efforts to unleash transformative, permanent, and long-term potential for a new kind of art for the 2020s, in South Florida and beyond.

Welcome, Jamie Straz!

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