To All,

In light of the grave moment that the Black Community is currently facing in the United States, jada wishes to express its utmost repudiation against all forms of racism, oppression, and marginalization.

As a grassroots arts organization, jada believes in the invaluable power of positive individual action towards the greater good. Hence, at this moment, we take a clear stand against the violence, the intolerance, and the abuse of power that has been perpetrated against the Black Community in our country.

jada defends an active participation in the making of new discourses for a future that best serves this generation. Therefore, to support the ideals of an artistically, socially, and economically prolific future, jada must first call out for the eradication of systemic racism, prejudice, and bigotry from society.

jada acknowledges that this is a daunting task. However, positive actions by all can have an exponentially positive effect for all, swiftly and soon. We must all march forward, putting forth our greatest efforts to be an ally at this critical moment of our history.

jada understands it is not always clear how to be a partner in this quest. So, we suggest one decisive action: To simply become an active listener!

If you are still utterly confused, listen to the voices of the oppressed. If your honest questions still need clear answers, listen to the voices of the oppressed.

Listen with your whole soul to the wounds of the black, the brown, the foreigner, the queer, the female, the faithful, the faithless, the poor, the aged, and the too young to comprehend.

Remember: To listen is to learn, to learn is to grow, and to grow is to change.

In unity,



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