On behalf of jada, we want to thank you all for responding to our Call to Artists, and submitting work for consideration.

S      O      C      I      A      L      D      I      S      T      A      N      C      I      N      G
A *Digi-Romantic Response to the Current 2020 Global Quarantine

I am pleased to inform you that one or more of your works were ACCEPTED for inclusion in the exhibition. Narrowing selections from the incredible variety and quality of entries proved to be a daunting task. Originality and artistic quality were the main, but not the sole criteria, used to select the final works for the exhibition. 

We have selected the following artists and the following works:

Aaron Jackson Bowman: “Woman in Blindfold with Cigarette” and “Miscreant V”
Carlos Cesar Alves: “Rapture” 

Christian Garcia-Olivo: “Untitled White on Emerald”
Dana Blickensderfer: “Vessel”
Gianna DiBartolomeo: “Take-Out Only”, “Wear Your Mask” and “Quarantine Activities: Couples Cooking”
Jonatas: “2020 Potential”
Nathan Beard: “Cabin Fever”
Ong Jing Ren: “Miserable” and “Immune”
Sean Christopher Ward: “The Emotional Journey of Corona”
Vanessa Inojosa: “I am Heaven”

 Once again congratulations on being accepted; we look forward to exhibiting your work.

how to access the virtual art show

Please follow these 4 easy steps.
1. On APRIL 9, 2020 at 6:00 pm EST, We will have the opening reception of our Virtual Online Live Art Show, Social Distancing. At 6:00 PM EST please be available, have your internet access and desktop ready.

  1. Making sure you have proper WIFI, click this link to watch the Virtual Art Show, Social Distancing and click this link to watch the show in real time –> twitch.tv/provokeart

  2. Share this hyperlink via text and email with your art friends and those interested to watch the show.


  3. Watch the virtual art show in real time with the link provided in number 2. During the show there is a chat room to the right of the screen where you can access and ask questions to the host in real-time and get answers in real-time.

*A conference call line may be available to speak with the artists in the show. After the virtual art show, the airing will be available to re-watch 24 hours after air date.

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