Jada is proud to announce: The 2020 JADA Paris Art Fair and Artist-in-Residence Program!

JADA represents a murmuring artistic voice, as it rises to challenge the hegemony of the establishment, to transform the perception of art in society, and to occupy meaningful spaces in the artistic macrocosm of the 2020s.

As the Covid-19 Pandemic is increasingly under control in Paris, Jada invites U.S. and international english-speaking artists to engage in an intimate but truly powerful cultural experience in France, during Paris International Art Week, from October 19th through the 30th.

Click here to complete the application -> https://jadaart.org/jada-paris-art/

Because your health is our first priority, we will also offer an incredible virtual reality option for those who wish to join us from a distance. The on-site and virtual programs will together focus on exhibiting each participating artists’ works to a highly sophisticated international audience, while strengthening their personal art practice, career development, and conceptual understanding of what it means to be a global artist in the age of information.

The program will encourage a multi-layered conversation on the demise of art for art’s sake. It will consist of daily art studio sessions, critiques, theoretical discussions, professional career consulting, and networking opportunities with art industry leaders from Paris and the United States.

The program will focus on creating lasting bonds among artists and art collectives, by promoting togetherness via creative collaborations, meaningful experiences such as meal sharing, museum tours, art studio visits, sightseeing, wine and food tasting events, and much more.

Click here to complete the application -> https://jadaart.org/jada-paris-art/

All Paris exhibiting artists will be featured in the 2020 JADA Paris Art Fair Catalog, and will be given preference to showcase their work at this year’s JADA Miami Art Fair Exhibit in December.

Join us!

Click here to complete the application -> https://jadaart.org/jada-paris-art/

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