JadaTalks Presents: The Art of Digital Landscaping

CREATIVITY, RESILIENCE, and VISION can determine how quickly a society will recover from a crisis. Such qualities are inherent to the artistic condition, thus the reason why the Jada Art Movement defends the creative worth!

The strength of the Jada Art Movement is in our clinging to a pragmatic idealism and informed naïveté, which contrasts and clashes with the staleness and lackluster Modus Operandi of the current Arts and Culture Establishment. We, therefore, choose to self-organize and to provoke change, for the sake of our creative community!

Jada believes that the current hegemony within the Arts can no longer be accepted, as it ignores the talents and narratives of countless creatives who believe that Art’s concern must go beyond the painted surface. Jada stands with those who fear never realizing their full creative potential!

Our message is therefore of non-passivity, of a constant honing of one’s craft, and of a belief that Art can make society more wholesome, through a philosophical position that believes in new possibilities as its central pillar!

The Jada Art Movement resonates deeply with creatives of all industries who embrace the role of thought-instigators, social engineers, motivational educators, trend initiators, and start-up innovators. In sum, we resonate with those who wish to be the change!

Our message echoes among insider and outsider artists, who believe that now is the time to make an artistic statement that points to the change of an era; one that prioritizes a profound dialogue on the human ability to heal — by building bonds, through a structure of support and feeling, targeted at causing the artistic zeitgeist of the 2020s.

As the year of 2021 starts, the Jada Art Movement is determined to draw new narratives of hope, to strongly affirm a philosophy of the heart, and to confirm our commitment to big ideas through swift action!

Our goal in 2021 is to combat the nihilistic discourse that still plagues the here and the now, as creative citizens, throughout the world!

Therefore, in the face of doubt, discord, and fragmentation, we declare our intention to LEGITIMIZE OPTIMISM!

Thus, The Jada Art Movement invites you to join our next Art Exhibit and Think-Tank Meet Up this coming February in our Miami (USA) headquarters. All events will be broadcasted virtually and held in-person (following Covid-19 regulations).

Let’s go!

In Jada.

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