[IRL] MEETS [URL]: Hyper Sincerity in the Art Gallery and Meta Spaces.

Application Deadline Aug 31, 2023

Organized by:
THE JADA ART MOVEMENT, in collaboration with NEFTING.

The art gallery has become a sacred space for sincerity and Self Reflection, where the display of one’s vulnerability is prized as the main reason for the defense of art in the contemporary world. With the rise of the METAVERSE and the advent of Web3 technologies, artists have the chance to extend their creative expressions beyond traditional boundaries, challenging the understanding of togetherness in the Global Age.


THE JADA ART MOVEMENT in collaboration with NEFTING (, a brand new NFT-based social media platform for digital artists, announces this valuable opportunity for artists to explore the ever-evolving physical and virtual art realms, with physical exhibitions at JADA’s Art Fairs in Paris (October 19-22, 2023) and Miami (December 7-10, 2023).

The JADA/NEFTING collaboration opens up new global avenues for artists to showcase their works and engage with a borderless audience through the power of NFTs and the METAVERSE. In combination with on-site exhibitions in two of the world’s most important Art Weeks – Paris and Miami  JADA will serve as a gateway for traditional artists to enter the NFT and METAVERSE world. JADA will provide hands-on guidance and mentorship, as it promotes an all-inclusive approach to the role of the fine artist in the Here & Now.

Accepted artists will have the opportunity to:

1. Digitally showcase their artwork as featured artists during JADA Art Fair at Paris Art Week (October 19-22, 2023) and Miami Art Week (December 7-10, 2023), both in the physical exhibition space (digitally displayed within the physical space) and within NEFTING’s social platform.

2. Be prominently featured in the main digital catalog of the JADA Paris & Miami Art Week 2023 Exhibitions, with your personal profile picture (optional), photos of your selected artwork, 250-word biography, and a 140-character count descriptive text about the artwork you are exhibiting.

3. Receive a personal critique and insightful analysis by JADA’s Art Critics and Scholars for all artworks submitted, providing valuable insight to enhance personal artistic growth.

4. Benefit from extensive promotion through JADA’s social media channels and exhibition marketing program, reaching both on-site attendees and a global online audience.

5. Receive recognition as JADA enters the world of Web3 through our participation as an official Nefting ambassador. This affiliation will further amplify the visibility and reach of the artists’ work even past the exhibitions, through the joining of the JADA community within the Nefting app, where artists will connect with fellow artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts.

Submission Deadline: Aug 31, 2023

Application Requirements:
1-There is a $25 non refundable art submission fee.

 2-Additionally, upon acceptance the artist is required to submit $125 for the full participation in JADA’s digital installation display of artwork in-person during both Paris and Miami Art Week 2023.

3-Completely fill out the Application form by clicking the button below.

4-Create a Nefting Social Profile.
Please ensure that all submissions align with JADA’s guidelines and requirements for participation.

Please click the button to apply to this art call application.

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