Jonatas Chimen Dias DaSilva-Benayon

Brazilian-American symbolist artist, academic, public speaker, and published author. Graduated from The University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Latin, American, Caribbean, and Iberian Studies, and a Master of Fine Arts  degree from Florida International University.

Dana Blickensderfer

International visual artist, editor, and entrepreneur. Graduated from the University of South Florida with a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication, with a focus in Public Relations. She is an alum from the The New York Studio School with a focus in Two-Dimensional Practice. 

team of advisors

Shirley Sztajnaman

French-born marketing professional and entrepreneur. Graduated with a Bachelors degree in Economics and Business, and a Master’s degree in International Business and Marketing from Maastricht University in the Netherlands.

Jamie Moshe Straz

An architect, artist and designer. Jamie lives in Miami Beach with his wife and children. Jamie holds a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from the University of Miami. Jamie is the Principal Architect and Founder of the architecture firm, REINES & STRAZ, which has been involved with architecture, interior design and urban planning projects throughout South Florida, USA.

Yona Verwer

A Dutch-born, New York-based, multimedia artist. Published in the NY Times and the New Yorker. Yona is the co-founder and director of the Jewish Art Salon, the largest contemporary Jewish visual arts organization and global network of artists and scholars aimed at providing important programs, resources, and lasting partnerships within the international art community and the general public.