past programs

Jada Art Fair At Miami Art Week 2019

JADA Art Fair reclaimed narratives central to the human experience. For Miami Art Week 2019 JADA Artists explored themes such as diaspora, immigration, cultural hybridization, persecution, longingness, and the return home. JADA Art Fair was curated by Jônatas Chimen and Dana Blickensderfer.

JADA 2019 held the largest Miami Art Summit at Miami Art Week 2019, via host with 40 speakers and dozens of journalists from top news outlets!

JADA 2019 sponsored mainly by The Sephardic Federation of Latin America (FeSeLa), The Jewish Art Salon, Grit Daily, Wmas. Other partners included: Moishe House, Mitzvah, Doxa Home, International Inn on the Bay, Bubble.