Jada 2020 Miami Art Declaration


The Jada 2020 Miami Art Week Declaration,   

Let it be known that today, in our crisis-ridden world of cultural defunding and art event cancellations, Jada – as a Miami-based arts movement – has no other option but to rise up to the challenge and bring representation to the murmuring local Miami artistic voices of 2020.

Jada thus declares the founding of the new Normandy Isle Arts District!

Jada steps up to the challenge, as major international arts organizations abandon their 2020 Miami Art Week projects due to the financial uncertainties brought by a year of turmoil. With the heavyweights of Miami Art Week closing their doors, Jada 2020 will be presenting to the world the future of Miami Art Week  amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic. In adherence to local COVID-19 regulations, we will be debuting for the first time in Miami a hybrid event showcasing in person and broadcasting across the internet. 

Jada comes to oppose the hegemony of the international presence at Miami Art Week, and by encouraging local artists, leaders, and organizations to finally embrace the responsibility of being the cultural agents within the Miami art cosmos.

Jada invites all artists to challenge themselves to mobilize and flourish in this new normal!

Jada’s continuation of our commitment started by the 2019 Jada Art Fair and Artist-in-Residence Program, Jada invites local, national, and international art community members to join the 2020 Jada Art Fair & Residence Program in the Normandy Isle Arts District in Miami Beach from December 3-6, 2020. Health guidelines will be followed.

Jada stands by its mission and Manifesto (https://jadaart.org/manifesto/) on this day, the 2nd of September, of the year 2020.


Jônatas                      Dana Blickensderfer                

Shirley Sztajnman    Suzanne Khalil

Jamie Moshe Straz   Yona Verwer

Samuel Loetscher



Jada Paris October 22-25 2020
Jada Miami December 3-6 2020

Media Contact:
Samuel Loetscher
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