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The JADA Journal
An Annual Peer-Reviewed Journal on Metamodernist Art

Mission: To further the discourse, exposure, and exploration of Metamodernist ideas by contemporary artists and authors. JADA Art Journal is an International, peer-reviewed, online, and in-print publication that mediates the dialogue, support, and critique of rising artistic tendencies. JADA Art Journal serves as an interdisciplinary point of convergence, where various practices, philosophies, and articulations may assist in the quest for truth and sincerity, while reclaiming the role of narrative in the forging of the here and now. JADA Art Journal welcomes submissions worldwide, of art, and articles in any language, from artists and authors at every career stage, potentially.

Submit Art and Articles For Publication on The JADA Art Journal

The 2020 Topics Main Topic:

“Searching for Meaning: The Impact of Covid-19 in Art & Society”

Related Topics:

“The Demise of Art for Art’s Sake”
“The New Informed Naivety”
“The Rise of the Digi-Romatics”

JADA Art Journal is published on October 2020.
All Final Submissions are due by September 15, 2020

All published authors and artists are invited as speakers for that year’s JADA Art Summit held in Miami, New York, and Paris.

General Guidelines for Submissions

Essays likely to be accepted for publication will make a significant contribution to the conversation on Metamodernism in contemporary art and society.

As a humanities journal, we advise authors to follow the writing style and citation rules according to the MLA format. Please refer to the MLA Handbook of Research Papers for further guidance.

Essays must be submitted already proofread, as a Microsoft Word document, be between 5000 to 7500 words in total length (including all endnotes and Works Cited pages), double-spaced, and in the 12 pt Times New Roman font.

We have adopted the open peer-review process, in which the author’s and reviewers’ identities are known. By removing the veil of anonymity, we wish for peers to provide more thoughtful critiques on submissions.


By submitting an essay for publication, authors retain the copyright of his/her individual article, while the journal retains the copyright of the publication as one whole product. Authors grant the journal the right of first publication with the work simultaneously licensed under a Creative Commons License.



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