A Statement Exhibit by Jada Global Artists

Ginat Salman (born 1988, Tel Aviv), is an Israeli based curator and photographer.

She is currently working at the Babylonian Jewry Heritage museum in Israel where she curates contemporary art exhibitions by Sephardi and Mizrahi artists.

Her photography work examines the male figure through male architypes, mythology and folklore.

D Y I N G  S U N

“Do you know the story about the scorpion and the frog?

My work examines masculinity through male archetypes in popular culture, and in particular the ‘Man-Hunter’ archetype. 

The camera replaces the spear and becomes a hunting tool in the popular culture, which means the hunting act itself, not only confirms the status of the man as superior, but also connects the modern masculinity to the archetypal masculinity of the ‘man-hunter’. 

My work examines the male figure through its own weapon (the camera) and establishes a different perspective that produces ambivalence and disorientation in order to construct a new space for re-examination of the concept of ‘man – hunter’ architype.