A Statement Exhibit by Jada Global Artists

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Daniela de Castro Sucre is a Venezuelan artist, muralist, and public speaker based out of Pensacola, Florida. With a degree in graphic design and artistic training in Spanish realism, her work has seen an evolution from figurative artwork to conceptualism. Daniela’s inspiration stems from her life experience in different cities and her introspective view of the world. She discovered a love for large-scale public art in 2017 while working on her undergraduate studies and has since continued to paint murals across the state of Florida. She gave a talk on the subject at the 2019 TEDx Pensacola titled “The Power of Street Art”. Daniela is currently working on an oil painting series exploring the color palettes of different states of mind.


This collection explores the visual representation of thoughts and emotions, tied to my individual experience and memory. It reveals to the canvas an introspection of how frames of mind feel through shape and color. This reflection, or map, of different mind states is a personal examination of the bridge between color and feeling, the relationship with the self, and the adherence to perfectionism.