A Statement Exhibit by Jada Global Artists

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“The motions of mark-making is as much about the inquiry as it is about the euphoria of dealing with the immaterial. Likewise, the harmony of such endeavor is strongly tied to the human spirit.” – Dana Blickensderfer

Dana’s artwork combines aspects of drawing, painting, collage and printmaking, all integrated. Her large-scaled canvases illustrate her ongoing interest in painting and mark-making while extending her personal lexicon to a wide range of references, including Egyptian art, Arabic symbolism and European modernist painting.


As a metamoderinst artist, my intention is to embrace the raw, vulnerable consciousness of the human spirit. I long to journal moments and feelings through ambiguous mark-making and gestural abstraction in hopes to connect to the world around me. The ‘express yourself’ video art series explores a visual representation of subconscious and emotional making, tied to my personal experiences.

As a digi-romantic artist the works I create during the series intends to form a language unique to its connection with the viewer online.

During a pandemic, it is as essential for me to explore artistic expression as is blood flowing through a beating heart — it is my life support.

Covid Travel Memoir (Site-Specific Installation during Miami Art Week 2020)
The following is a time-based work, part of a site-specific installation exhibited at Miami Art Week, as a reflection and observation of traveling in 2020 during the pandemic.