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The Jada Art Movement Manuscript


How Digi-Romanticism, Metamodernism, & The Global Pandemic Set Art Free

In this crisis-ridden, COVID-19 era world, it has become imperative that artists embrace the mission to spark deeper conversations and wonderment with one another and their viewers through the designing of new grand narratives and the stark retelling of the plight of The Other. Metamodernism, a movement built of a longing for art to investigate the world around and within oneself, is a manifestation of digi-romantic psyches and tendencies in context of an art world left hungry for raw sincerity and emotional authenticity; Modernism and Post-Modernism no longer meet the appetite created by the challenges of the present day. Jada, a collective of resonant thinkers and makers, advances Metamodernism through a manifestation of its ethos in action.


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