A Statement Exhibit by Jada Global Artists

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Aurélien Tranchet is a 33 years old french,
self-taught photographer from Fontainebleau (near Paris). He is a musicology graduate and educator. He started art photography in 2016.

His photographic artwork is very diversified: landscapes, abstraction, studio… Aurélien Tranchet is a real protean artist.

He draws his inspiration from a syncretism of visual and musical artists: Wassily Kandinsky, Piranesi, Mœbius, Mark Rothko, Pierre Soulages, György Ligeti and Igor Stravinsky.


The serie titled “Idealisms” is a set of
photographs taken in studio in 2018. They show the athletic back of a unique woman. 

Through a play of symmetry and muscular
tensions, the images capture moments of
metamorphosis, that of a body in transcendence.
This moving musculature questions the viewer about his
conception of the “beautiful” female body.  Indeed, the modern western doxa associates this esthetism with
famelic and fragile lines. This thinness is often acquired by deficiency and perhaps pain.

Here, the serie of photographs is intended to be a commitment through the proposition of feminine beauty acquired otherwise: through will and power, associated traditionally with masculinity as much on a sexual, social and political level.

Beyond the aesthetic issues, these are
the foundations of the patriarchal society that these images aspire to rethink.  Break the distilled codes by which everyone seeks to please, and sometimes against oneself.  What if identity today dared to lighten the shackles like so many dead skins that hide the authentic?

Photograph : Aurélien Tranchet (FR)

Text : Orianne Papin (FR)

Translation : Sophie Bartsch (US-FR)

Model : Nina Cornu (FR)