Who WE Are

An art movement promoting artist residences, discussions, and art exhibits on the end of Postmodernism and the birth of Metamodernism.

Art Movement

Jada consists of a group of artists promoting art discussions, talks, exhibits, and statements on Metamodernism.

Art Fairs

Jada hosts commercial art fairs in Miami and France during art week to promote Jada artists as a collective.

Art Residencies

Jada art residencies help to cultivate art practice, theory and artist discussions in a two-week intensive program.

Art Talks

Jada hosts art talks and discussions weekly on its streaming platform, JadaTV.com to encourage artist connection and intention.

Art Courses

Jada offers its members art teachings and online courses by leading art professors and scholars in the industry. 

Art Membership

Jada art membership is for beginning and established artists seeking community, critique, and career development.

“Jada is a Metamodern Art Movement, as it mediates between aspects of both Modernist and Postmodernism theories. It diverges from Modernism as it defends absolute universal truths, and from Post-Modernism as it excessively embraces irony and the concept of l'art pour l'art."

"Jada artists share a philosophy central to their identity, as thinkers and makers. They acknowledge that no current or past art movement is fully representative of their artistic disposition.”

"Jada represents a murmuring artistic voice of the 21st century, as it rises to challenge the hegemony of the establishment, to transform the perception of art in society, and to occupy meaningful spaces in the macrocosm of the 2020s. If you identify with any of these ideals, you are Jada too."

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1250 Normandy Dr
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